Intentional inbound marketing requires Strategy

Intentional inbound marketing requires


Discover. Focus. Expand.

Strategic data-driven positioning for your organization's content and engagement to intentionally grow and sustain your online brand

Success looks like engaging with your customers in order to become the most relevant and authoritative source to meet their needs. We can help with that.

Some brands we've worked with

The Credit Repairmen | thecreditrepairmen.com
Joy Learning Center | joylearningcenter.com
Holness Venture Capital | hvc8.com
Sentinel Customer Acquisition | shsgroup.net
We are passionate about helping you adapt to change

We are passionate about helping you adapt to change

At Rozlaw, we understand that adopting and successfully implementing inbound marketing strategies is challenging for midsize organizations.

Founded in 2006, Rozlaw LLC is an inbound marketing consulting firm. In 2012, e-webstrategy was formed to launch inbound marketing solutions for clients. Rozlaw continues to help clients with Competitive Strategy, Inbound Marketing Change Management, and Engagement Strategy in favor of the customers or members they serve.

Range & Scope


Range & Scope Discover

We take the time to listen and learn about you and who you serve. With a strategic intent, we start mapping online inroads to promote your organization's unique value.


Range & Scope Focus

Once we understand what make your organization stand out, we then help you define key performance indicators that you measure and manage. So you can continuously improve engagement and service levels for your customers.


Range & Scope Expand

With a strong foundation for inbound marketing, you'll be equipped to scale, leverage and secure marketshare, and we'll be there every step of the way.

Our Team

Rodrigo Zurita

Rodrigo Zurita

Chief Strategist
Brenda Zurita

Brenda Zurita

Chief Personalist
Aurora Geis

Pablo Rebolledo

Chief Change Agent
Melody Mendoza

Melody Mendoza

Stratagem Editor

Our Promise

We strive to put our clients at the forefront of their industry and market by advocating for organizational learning and change so our clients can engage with their customers well.

Strategic Inbound


We're with you every step of the way

We're with you every step of the way

We build strategies in three areas that equip you to compete online and engage with your customers. We are your change agents for inbound marketing readiness.

Our Expertise

Define your online competitive strategy


Inbound Marketing Change Management


Engagement Strategy Development


The Stats


Satisfied Clients


Rozlaw Consulting Hours

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Recent Projects executed by E-Web Strategy

Recent Projects executed by E-webstrategy

Our favorite thing is watching a well thought out strategy materialize and take flight in favor of our clients and the customers/members they serve. Implementing Inbound Marketing Theory is what we do, seeing it work is what we love!

The Credit Repairmen

The Credit Repairmen

Holness Venture Capital

Holness Venture Capital

Sentinel Customer Acquisition

Works Image

Joy Learning Center

Joy Learning Center
True insight requires out of the box thinking, thats Rozlaw!

True insight requires out of the box thinking, thats Rozlaw!

Change is necessary and involves a process of adoption. Transformation is the journey toward that incremental change, allowing bright, progressive organizations to navigate and meet their customers where they are and delight them. At Rozlaw, we have the thought leaders that can guide you there.

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